Thursday, October 20, 2011

A good night's sleep...

My son and his wife need lots of storage for their clothes.  My son built a platform for their mattress which lifted it high enough off the floor for them to slide in plastic storage bins.  But, I kept hearing how much it wobbled.  Now, a wobbling bed might be nice at times, but not when you're just trying to get a good night's sleep.  And, I certainly didn't want them to hurt themselves if it collapsed when there was something more than sleep going on!  So, this Queen sized storage bed was built for them.  

The plans are from a web site that I just love:   I've also built a couple of floating night stands that still need to be installed in their room.  Once installed they will be able to access the large drawers that are on either side at the head of the bed.

This project was stained using Minwax Espresso rub on stain, and finished off with a rub-on polyurethane.  Kyle did most of the staining and it's a really beautiful finish.  As a bonus, this bed is so heavy there absolutely isn't any wobble in it!

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