Thursday, November 3, 2011

Success - sort of!

Another drawer that works! Hooray for me.

Finally, last night after dinner I made my way out to the garage.  I was tired and really debated whether I wanted to work on this.  In the end, I told myself that I'd work only until 9 pm.  If I still wasn't getting these drawers to work by then, I'd worry about them later.

When I left the garage on Sunday I'd left the drawers in pieces.  My plan was to rebuild them and make every effort to get them square.  I built myself a jig - I guess that's what you'd call it.  Two square corners wide enough to hold the ends of the drawers.  I squared up one end, screwed it together, flipped it around and did the same with the other end.  Checked for square - success!  The new drawers ended up about a 1/2" shorter and deeper than the one drawer that work well from the get go (I had to use the material I had on hand - I'm trying to keep the costs down for my friend's sake!). But, the drawer fronts are all the same size so the slight difference won't be noticeable.

Perfect fit!
Two that fit!

 I was so sure that the problem drawer would work well that I put the drawer front on it before sliding it into the box.  Dang, dang, dang - it wasn't right, not even close.  It doesn't look bad here, but it is :-(
Still a problem!

I worked on it a bit, lowering and moving slides,  It moves all the way in now, but it's still not level or straight in the box.  If I can't finish this by Friday, this is going to be on hold for a while.  This weekend I start a new project, one that should be more straight forward.  Cabinets for the Docs-I do like making things for my kids!

Check back to see how this bed turns out - I can't wait to see either!

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